So, Hollowfaust. Very fond of the work we did for the City of Necromancers back in 3rd edition. These days, there’s a new edition of D&D out. We’ve got 3rd edition tools for playing around Hollowfaust; why not 4th as well?

This isn’t a campaign I’m running currently. I did run a one-shot in Hollowfaust back when 4e first came out; now, a couple of years later, I can see more interesting possibilities. I’d love to do it again someday. So, here are some conversion notes and brainstorming and how I would do things in case I get the chance. Hopefully other people can get some use out of it.

Note: I do not own Hollowfaust! This is purely fan material, assuming some familiarity with the City of the Necromancers. I’d have to be some kind of fool to reproduce copyrighted material here. No, no, instead this is just some very basic nattering, the kind of thing you could probably come up with on your own but I’m going to spend my time tinkering with it anyway.