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The basic question is “how do you do a necromancer in 4e?” Well, theoretically the advent of Heroes of Shadow should bring a long-awaited true necromancer. However, there are all kinds of ways to do necromancers in 4e. The trick is looking at them as specialists; a warlock is not going to be an animator, for instance. However, Hollowfaust is all about sub-specializations within necromancy, treating necromancy as something versatile that has a remarkable number of disciplines within it. So this is a good thing.

The simplest way to reskin any arcane class into a necromancer is to take powers that have necrotic, psychic (especially fear), cold and force effects most of the time. There’s room for other damage types in moderation, of course. Hollowfaust was built in a place where many people died by fire and fumes, after all. Necrotic, cold, psychic and force are probably the foremost special effects of necromancy, but it suits Hollowfaust to add fire and poison spells in moderation to that mix. In addition, thunder spells suit the Chorus of the Banshee in particular (and any necromancer who might try emulating a banshee wail); picture ghostly keening or the tolling of supernatural bells. Acid, lightning and radiant are perhaps the most “use in moderation” damage types.

There should also be access to a feat that would allow some limited “change your damage type to necrotic” abilities (like, say, a warlock’s Eldritch Blast or one encounter power per tier for other classes). Maybe I’ll write it later.

Undead minions? Honestly, I gave one PC a pair of L1 skeletal minions and it changed the game balance not at all. However, if you run a smaller group and have room for a companion character, having a necromancer’s player run said companion character as a skeletal guardian or whatnot would work great.

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